Of the essence

26 Apr

Time and love have long been connected. We all know couples who’ve broken up because the timing wasn’t right, or others who met because of a cancelled bus or plane. Even Carrie Bradshaw pondered whether poor timing could make a woman miss her fate. If my fate was scheduled to unfold this weekend, the ship definitely sailed without me.

On Friday evening I walked home from work and missed every set of pedestrian lights on Oxford Street from Woollahra to Hyde Park. I should’ve realised it was a sign. By the time I’d prepped myself for Suit Night at Tank Stream, I arrived an hour late. After a glass of wine and a quick catch-up with friends, I was ready to start mapping. Brimming with the enthusiasm, I looked around for the nearest cluster of men. But they’d all gone. It wasn’t even 9pm.

On Sunday, feeling the pressure of being way behind my survey schedule, I set off for the Woolly Bay Hotel determined to glean a mass of data. The Woolly was packed, cheerful and friendly. There was a good mix of ages and heaps of guys clearly there without girls. Perfect. Not quite. I needed permission before I could start surveying. The manager had left for day. I’d just missed him. I felt like a miner who’d found a vein but run out of dynamite.

Despite ending the weekend without the pile of crumpled, beer-scented surveys I’d hoped for, I still learnt a few things:

  • Suit Night starts early. If you don’t work in the CBD, don’t go home to freshen up. Head straight in, make the most of it and don’t worry if you don’t look as fresh as you’d like to. The lighting will be low anyway.
  • Women on the dance floor of a pub can tell you a lot about male patrons. At the Woolly, there was a huge clump of women dancing without handbags. I realised that somewhere, there must be a corresponding group of men bag-sitting for girlfriends/partners. Sure enough after looking around, I spotted them watching footie on the big screen. Moral of the story: if you find yourself in a venue with bag-less women, you’re probably better off moving on.

Thank you to all of you for your support during the early days of my manMap blog. The number of visits I had this past week really inspired me to get out there and find those men. Hopefully, with a bit of luck and punctuality, next weekend will be a success.


One Response to “Of the essence”

  1. safari May 13, 2010 at 6:06 pm #

    Your perseverance is outstanding and the results to date aren’t encouraging. Have you tried RSVP social functions for men and women of your age? It seems to have worked for some people.
    Safari (2ndlifeforearlyretirees)

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