Artificial infatuation

29 Apr

Six single men, six single women, the Cook Islands, a dating guru and a film crew…online dating service RSVP is exploring:

the ultimate dating adventure

in a new tv show Rules of Attraction. The show plans to answer the timeless question: what do men and women really want?

Importing young, attractive RSVPers from across Australia and providing them with the oh-so-normal scenario of dating in a 5 star resort on a tropical island will apparently challenge dating myths. Do guys really prefer blondes? Are all women only after Mr Tall Dark & Handsome? Can you believe people are still asking these questions?

The premise of the show doesn’t really bother me – in fact, it’ll probably be a good laugh. But I find it ironic that an online dating service is behind a show about strangers hanging out on an island for a week. Do you think they’ll be allowed to check their online profiles while they’re away?


One Response to “Artificial infatuation”

  1. safari May 13, 2010 at 6:09 pm #

    I love your humour. You have obviously checked out RSVP.
    Safari (2ndlifeforearlyretirees)

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