A girl’s golden mile

3 May

The London HotelDarling Street, Balmain: one of the most appropriately named streets in Sydney. Lined with pubs attracting men of all interests, backgrounds and ages, single ladies are bound to find their ‘darling’. The strip from the corner of Montague Street to Curtis Road is truly a golden mile. No matter what your mood, you’ll find a pub that suits you. Feel like a laid-back chat with the local Balmain boys? Head to The London on a Sunday afternoon. Keen to meet a future Wests Tigers star? Check out the Monkey Bar on a Friday night. Need some light-hearted fun? The Town Hall Hotel is popular for buck’s nights on Saturdays.

Balmain’s history and geography have shaped it into a single woman’s smorgasbord. Its harbour views and prime real estate attract professionals on big salaries. A big salary often means a high-pressure job and a greater need to unwind on Friday nights. The relaxed atmosphere and short stumble home make Balmain pubs the perfect place for local suits to shift gears to the weekend.

Historically, Balmain is a working class suburb, hence all the great pubs. Despite the pricey real estate, there’s still a decent chunk of hardworking (and hunky!) tradies in the hood. Often these men are running their own businesses. There’s definitely something to be said for a man who’s business savvy and can fix your broken water heater. 

Balmain was once an artistic hub. The London was even home to The Sydney Push, an anti-establishment group for intellectuals and writers. There’s still a strong creative undertone to the suburb, with a number of successful performers and artists living in it. The markets at Saint Andrews Church on Saturdays or at Rozelle Public School on Saturdays and Sundays showcase up and coming artists, who might catch the interest of culture-conscious ladies.

Another endearing Balmain trait is the pro-puppy community. If you stroll down theDarling Street, Balmain golden mile, you’ll find bowls of water on the footpath for dehydrated dogs. Al fresco dining means dogs can join their owners at cafes and The London is dog-friendly. Approaching a guy with a four-legged friend is easy because you immediately have something to talk about. The dog’s friendly welcome will give you the confidence to chat to his owner. If you take your own pooch along, you both might make a new friend.


5 Responses to “A girl’s golden mile”

  1. fran May 5, 2010 at 9:38 pm #

    I love this site! I am married now but wish I had it when I was single!

    • Lucie Stevens May 5, 2010 at 9:43 pm #

      Thanks for visiting Fran – I’ll be sure to survey at Cargo Bar…that’s where you met your man, right?? : )

  2. safari May 13, 2010 at 6:13 pm #

    Does Balmain offer more hope for the single woman?
    I love your humour and your blog.

    • Lucie Stevens May 13, 2010 at 7:41 pm #

      Hi Safari,

      Thanks for stopping by. Balmain is filled within great places to meet men. The good thing about it too is, if you’re not having any luck at one venue, you can move a few steps up Darling Street to the next place! And there’s all these other nice pubs down back streets which attract the locals and have great pub food too…


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    […] Sunday I spent my afternoon at The Clock, which reminds me a little of The London in Balmain. The balcony upstairs makes it ideal for enjoying a beer in the sun. And balconies are a […]

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