Game on

26 May

Well ladies, according to last week’s poll 50% of you think sport’s a good way to meet guys. On that note, put these dates in your diary:

  • Wednesday June 16th
  • Wednesday July 7th

Next, email your girlfriends and organise for a group of you to go to a local pub with a big flat-screen tv on these night. Why? Because they’re Games 2 and 3 of State of Origin. I can guarantee the pub will be packed with guys. They may not want to talk to you during the game, but they will before and after.

Even if you’re not a fan, pick a team (my gals and I generally go for the team with the cutest players) and cheer them on. Either you’ll be able to celebrate with the guys around you or you can enjoy a bit of friendly rivalry with them.

Suffering from bad local?

That’s ok. You don’t have to go to your local. Pick another based on a suburb you like. If you like a suburb’s personality, chances are you’ll like the guys at its local. If you’re not sure where to head, post a comment about what interests you. We can all help each other by sharing tips about our favourite locals. My tips are The Welcome in Balmain or The Courthouse in Newtown.


One Response to “Game on”

  1. Social Graces May 30, 2010 at 7:53 pm #

    Let me know how you fair on the night 😉

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