F word

14 Jun

FIFA Fan FestA new ‘f’ word has been embraced by the people of Sydney: FIFA.

FIFA-fever has hit hard, with patriotic Aussies donning the green and gold to cheer on our boys. And many supporters aren’t content to cheer from home.

Last night thousands of people headed to the FIFA Fan Fest at Darling Harbour to watch the first Aussie game. Despite the cold, the dark and the early start, they threw themselves into a dynamic that only an international sporting event can generate.

Ladies, it is this dynamic we need to embrace. About 20,000 people turned up last night in Darling Harbour alone. Even if only one in four attendees was a single man, that’s still an impressive 5,000 men planning to stay in one spot for several hours, men you can bond with during the game.

Those of you not into activities that require thermals can still enjoy the buzz. It’s as though the World Cup has re-ignited us. Much like when the Olympics was on, people seem keen to be out, filling pubs until kick-off, happy to unite with fellow supporters. You might not be a huge fan, but there’s no reason you can’t head to a bar, pub or public area before the game and make a few new friends. In Surry Hills on Friday night, heaps of men were enjoying a few beers before the South Africa versus Mexico game. And those of you not into pubs can head straight to FIFA Fan Fest. I can think of worse ways to spend my night than surrounded by guys, admiring fit footballers on a big screen.

Other places you might want to visit to take advantage of FIFA-fever are:

Australia will play Ghana on Sunday June 20 and Serbia on Thursday June 24. If you can’t have a late night during the week, put some weekend time aside between now and July 12 to make the most of it.

In other F-related news, on Saturday at a friend’s birthday I stumbled upon the stuff of fantasies. The humble Eddy Castle, previously noted for its fun karaoke crowd, is also the local for a group of attractive, decent men who work nearby: firemen. Who could wish for more?


2 Responses to “F word”

  1. beachblogger June 15, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    Now you’re talking! Footballers, yes they’re nice, but firemen! Yessssssssss!!!!!! All you have to do is burn your house down and sit and wait … in something attractive of course.

    I’ll never forget the time the neighbours’ back yard was going up in flames and I called the local firies. The memory of one hunky man after another leaping out of that truck ready for action will be etched forever in my mind.

    Unfortunately, in the lull between our emergency call and their arrival, the neighbours had stepped out of their home in their brunch coats and hosed the fire … and there was only an embarrassingly small pile of blackened twigs left steaming in the garden for the firies to deal with … so they did a couple of valedictory laps of the truck, looked at the pile, wrote an incident report and … drove away.

    My flatmate Mimi and I had made total fools of ourselves and were inconsolable.

    • Lucie Stevens June 15, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

      Well, safety first! You can never be too careful. Could have been worse – could have just been burnt toast!
      We have very hunky local firies in my hood too. For a while, a faulty sensor went off about once a month and because we have a back to base system, we’d all evacuate and have to wait for the firies…very pleasant indeed…

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