[Net]working girl

21 Jun

My manMap surveysSocial networking is the new black. People dedicate hours of their professional lives to building relationships and maximising online exposure. Between Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s amazing there’s any time left in the working day.

In people’s personal lives, it’s not much different. Log onto Twitter and you can discover every movement of someone’s life. Read fast though. Before you’ve had time to type your next tweet, 27 others will spring up and demand your attention.

As this mode of connecting becomes the norm, it’s easy to forget about networking in person.

Of the 300 men I’ve surveyed so far, most guys in relationships met their partners through work, friends or at the pub.

Only two met online and no one admitted to meeting through speed dating. I’m not saying that you should close your RSVP account, but you should never underestimate the power of a personal encounter. The fact that guys are willing to participate in my survey is proof enough for me. I dress conservatively, have no cleavage to speak of and I’m challenged in the flirting department. But for some reason, when I walk up to guys with a pile of empty surveys, 99% of the time they’re happy to help me out. Only once has someone outright ignored me. It’s much harder to ignore someone standing in front of you than it is to delete the spam in your inbox.

No doubt most of you have already investigated potential guys in your immediate circle of friends and colleagues. This is when switching to networking mode is useful. You might not be into any of the guys at your own work, but there could be heaps of single guys working with one of your friends. All you need to do is get her to organise post-work drinks and invite you along. If you take your colleagues with you, she’ll meet some new people too. And if your colleagues and your friend’s colleagues invite their mates, you’ll expand your network even further. Make sure you chat to everyone, including women and the guys who aren’t available. You never know who might have a great brother, housemate or neighbour looking for someone like you.

On Friday I had a fabulously successful night of surveying. I went back to Verandah Bar to check that my previous experience wasn’t a fluke. After some initial concern that all the guys were taken (and oddly enough working in IT), I shifted to another section of the bar at the suggestion of my Wing-girl (snaps to you!) and met some great single guys. And as proof for all the ladies who believe exercise is a good way to meet men, one guy I surveyed met his wife through sport. Is it too late in the season to sign up for mixed netball?


2 Responses to “[Net]working girl”

  1. beachblogger June 23, 2010 at 6:02 pm #

    I’ve known three women who’ve partnered up very successfully through RSVP … but they were cautious, and they were realists … having said that I agree with you, there’s nothing like actually getting out there … a man may not like a woman’s photo on RSVP but really take a liking to her if he meets her in person …

    By the way Lucie, at the rate you’re meeting guys now, you’re bound to find someone gorgeous who you connect with … when you do, will you continue the Man Map?

  2. Lucie Stevens June 23, 2010 at 7:06 pm #

    Thanks for visiting beachblogger.
    I’m determined to see this project through to surveying at least 800 men, even if I do meet a lovely one for myself on the way. I’ve got lots of single gal-pals in their 30s, and I hope I never forget how hard it can be to be single and 30+, watching other people getting engaged/married/partnered/planning children etc and not daring to hope that it might be you one day. Some days it’s impossible to ignore all the happy couples holding hands, enjoying brunch together or even just helping each other with the groceries. If I never forget how hard it is, then I’ll never take my future partner for granted and I’ll always remember to keep an eye out for my single friends. The goal of manMap at the end of the day is to help all Sydney women, not just myself or the women I know.

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