The Sydney Dating Culture

24 Jun

It’s always great to get a guy’s point of view about the dating scene. One Sydney man has opened his vault and reflected on The Sydney Dating Culture in a candid post. He asks the question:

Do Sydney ladies have males chasing them without having the ability or the will to ever be truly caught (with subsequent potential surrender)?

When I think about myself, the answer is:

No, I have the ability/will to be caught. I just don’t have the males chasing me.

The same could be said for lots of my single gal-pals. It’s not that we’re unattractive, unintelligent or anti-social. We’re just women who don’t throw ourselves at every man in sight. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Maybe the problem is we know what we’re after and we don’t like to lead men on. Maybe we’re looking for more than just casual flirting. Or maybe we’re just slow movers and we miss our windows of opportunity.

Do you think Sydney women are so caught up in The Chase they forget they’re running away from something they might want?


2 Responses to “The Sydney Dating Culture”

  1. Rasmus Lindberg June 28, 2010 at 9:00 am #

    Maybe part of the answer is found in what you write:

    You say you don’t have the men chasing you. Well, how about you go on a hunting trip instead? Take the initiative and dare to be personal and yourself. This approach frightens many of the testosterone-prone and socially retarded macho-blokes out there, so if that’s your type it might not work, but for those of us looking for a strong, confident and amazing woman, you’ll kick ass.

    Most important of all I belive (to my experience), however, is not to be in the chase at all? I have tended to meet all the special gals in my life when I least expected it and usually through a casual start without any intention of flirting. So, when you’re out there polling us for our hangouts and other info, why not continue your interview with a few more ‘demographic questions’ about the interviewee? Who knows, you might find your treasure right there?

    BTW, I don’t believe guys in general are any more after a casual flirt than you are. Oh and yes, the guys run too fast too, we all to me seem to be stuck in the same game..

    • Lucie Stevens June 28, 2010 at 7:51 pm #

      Rasmus your comment is very reassuring. I’m not into the macho-blokes so I’m not fussed if they’re scared off, but mainly I’m just glad to learn not all guys are into The Chase and games. I never learnt the rules and no one’s ever been able to fully enlighten me about them. I realise not everyone’s like me but I’d rather invest myself my energy and time doing things I know will bring me happiness, rather than trying to play games I don’t understand.
      And yes, fingers crossed my project will lead me to my treasure. If nothing else, it’s done wonders for my self confidence and my faith that there are heaps of great guys out there.

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