Two train night

12 Jul

manMap takes a train or twoIt’s always disappointing when I head out somewhere, handbag packed with blank surveys, wing-girl by my side, only to discover that my destination doesn’t deliver.

In the spirit of supporting Sydney ladies detoxing for Dry July (you’re a third of the way there girls!) I headed off to Winterland at Carriageworks on Saturday, imagining Tommy Hilfigeresque models in beanies and matching scarves skating round the ice rink. With promises of markets, music and all things frosty, I was looking forward to a dose of winter frivolity in preparation for my trip to New York at the end of the year.

Perhaps wing-girl and I were there at the wrong time or on the wrong day, but the reality didn’t match my fantasy. There was no fake snow, no roasted chestnuts, no gingerbread, not even a cardboard cut out of a snowman. The massive disco ball was impressive but it made me think Priscilla Queen of the Desert, not winter. There were a few guys there but they were coupled up and clearly band groupies (I’m not knocking the band. Great place for a gig, even if there wasn’t a foil snowflake in sight.). As I looked about the fabulously expansive space that is Carriageworks, I was at a loss to pinpoint exactly what was wintery about the festival, other than its timing. And while there were half a dozen stalls selling gloves and socks, in the words of my wing-girl:

a few stalls does not a market make.

Disenchanted and with a pile of untouched surveys, we headed back to the city and to a place that never lets us down: our favourite sushi train.

Once installed in our carriage on the sushi train, we realised the tables on either side of us were taken by guys. I draw the line at interrupting people while they eat for my own selfish research purposes, but wing-girl did wonder whether the guys were like us: single and looking for something delicious on low-key Saturday night. I considered stalking them after they left to find out but thought that might be taking things a little too far.

The night made me realise how difficult looking for a man would be for women who don’t drink. So far, my surveys have revealed that most couples meet through work, a mutual friend or in pubs and bars. If you were working in female-heavy industry like childcare or education, had exhausted the options your friends could provide and didn’t like the pub scene, meeting men would be a huge challenge. Perhaps women not into wine should keep in mind the ever-growing number of restaurants and cafés with communal tables. You could always ask the guy sitting next to you to pass the salt…Here’s a few I’ve been to and enjoyed:

  • Din Tai Fung –  this place serves up the best dumplings in Sydney and is ridiculously popular. You can opt to a share table so you don’t have to wait too long for a seat. Getting the right ratio of vinegar to soy sauce is a great way to start a conversation with the people at your table.
  • About Life – this café and store is Mecca for people with intolerances, or anyone who enjoys local or organic produce. The big tables are great to share, so just take one wing-girl with you so there’s room left for the men!
  • Blue Ginger – delicious to the extreme, you could ask the man next to you for his pick of the menu.

If you know of any other places with communal tables, leave a comment so the list grows.

Thank you thank you thank you to my winter wing-girl for coming on yet another one of my wily schemes. Despite the lack of completed surveys, I still had a great night out.


6 Responses to “Two train night”

  1. Suzanne July 13, 2010 at 8:08 pm #

    I often wonder about this too. I have the luck of loving a good sozzled night out. But some.. well I even have friends who are allergic to alcohol. I think it comes down to sport.

    • Lucie Stevens July 14, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

      Yes sport seems like a good one but it’d be awful no be a non-drinker and challenged in the sport department. I know if I had to rely on sport to find a man, I’d never find one. It’s not my area of expertise at all. I keep wondering if I should volunteer for Coastcare…

  2. beachblogger July 13, 2010 at 9:19 pm #

    Din Tai Fung looks seriously good … men or no men.

    Congratulations on coming up with more and more schemes to fulfill your quest … keep going …

    • Lucie Stevens July 14, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

      You won’t regret it…the dumplings are to die for and the fried rice is delicious!

  3. mindybeaver August 10, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    I too was disappointed with Winter Wonderland. Better to go to the Everleigh growers markets on sat mornings at carriage works. Were some cute boys there too, and even some cute stall owners!

    Sport is a hard one, I joined a mixed team, all the boys taken? So do I abandon that team and join another? Mostly I just stick to the sports I love, netball and girls soccer. Dang, not many men about! And you are right, working in education is not at all helpful for finding single men!


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    […] than Brett herself, only one other woman’s comments are referred to. So to paraphrase my wing-girl’s words from a few weeks back: two women does not a female population […]

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