Let’s get physical

27 Jul

Even to a non-sporty girl, a fit man definitely has appeal: someone strong enough to literally sweep you off your feet, someone who can carry that heavy grocery bag, someone who can keep up with you on the dance floor and who cares about their wellbeing. So long as he’s not expecting me to get up at 5am to join him for a jog, it sounds like a good deal to me.

Exercise has become a way to help stay emotionally fit too, particularly in a fast-paced, demanding and sometimes stressful city like Sydney. Lots of people use exercise to exorcise the pressures of work and to enjoy a hit of endorphins. One man even told me he uses working out for anger management. I was surprised someone would admit this to a stranger, but snaps to him for recognising this about himself and doing something constructive to manage it.

So how do single women tap into men on the exercise circuit?

You would have read in previous posts about the singles boot-camps that are gaining popularity. But another important thing you can consider is the landscape of different Sydney areas. Geography often impacts on the type of exercise available and therefore, the kinds of men who are drawn to exercise in that area. In the inner city, where people live in small apartments with no real option for lounge-room workouts, men hit the gym or jog in the park. In the east, swimming and surfing combine exercise with lifestyle. And in the inner west, it’s all about the Bay.

Iron Cove Bay is the nucleus of many inner west men’s fitness habits. The Bay Run (or Bay Walk in my case) is a seven kilometre track that runs around the Bay and over the Iron Cove Bridge, and it’s always filled with men jogging. The sports fields nearby are home to adult football and soccer teams and guys take advantage of the workout stations that crop up every few kilometres along the track.

But exercise isn’t restricted to dry land. Besides the local swimming centres, men are into rowing and sailing. The Drummoyne and Haberfield (UTS) Rowers Clubs on opposite sides of the Bay are great places to enjoy a boozy lunch (after July for the temporary teetotallers!) and mingle with the locals. Their big balconies make them perfect for a relaxed, sunny afternoon. One guy I surveyed even met his wife through an inner west rowing club, so if you’re looking for a new sport and don’t mind the early start, perhaps this is the way to go.  

If you prefer something more easy-going, throw on your trackies, grab a wing-girl and enjoy a walk around the Bay. I promise the scenery won’t disappoint. My friends and I like to use the code word ‘keys’ to alert each other that a hot man is in sight. Otherwise, head to Leichhardt’s Hawthorne Canal Reserve, where guys play tennis and basketball and dogs are allowed off the leash. A game of carefully choreographed frisbee might end in you making some new canine friends, who in turn may lead you to their Dr Chris Brown-esque owner. 🙂


2 Responses to “Let’s get physical”

  1. Social Graces July 27, 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    Hot tips, MyManMap! Good, healthy, fun. I like it.

  2. Lucie Stevens July 27, 2010 at 9:43 pm #

    Thanks SG – actually the “Dog Park” is a personal fave. There’s something very attractive about a man throwing a ball for his dog…

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