Black list part 2: what women dislike about single men

29 Jul

Last week you may have read my post on an article in the SMH by Samantha Brett about what men dislike about single women. This week, Brett’s presented the other side of the story, although once again, her level of research is dubious. Other than Brett herself, only one other woman’s comments are referred to. So to paraphrase my wing-girl’s words from a few weeks back:

two women does not a female population make.

I just wanted to point this out in case any guys read the article and assume it accurately represents how most Australian women feel. Because I for one don’t.

Of the five points listed, you could easily exchange the word ‘man’ for ‘woman’. We all have egos, we all give mixed messages whether we mean to or not (and sometimes it’s because of our own hang-ups), people who’ve been single for a while are naturally going to be set in their ways and everyone obsesses over the people that have hurt them. As far as players are concerned, there are women out there who enjoy messing with men’s minds too. And as I’ve said before, games need participants and you can choose to walk away from someone who isn’t sincere.

But the part of the article that disturbs me the most is the reference to men being too sensitive. Isn’t it better that men are more in-tune with themselves and the people around them? Doesn’t sensitivity lend itself to empathy, awareness and consideration? Haven’t women been complaining for generations that men aren’t sensitive enough?

No wonder there are so many confused singletons of both sexes out there…

Ok…off my soap box now…let me know what you think of the article.


4 Responses to “Black list part 2: what women dislike about single men”

  1. athenapallas August 2, 2010 at 4:49 pm #

    I have no wish to read the article having read your great critique. I went to a big Fat Greek Wedding recently and to my horror found not much had changed since another version I atteneded decades ago. Except in 2010 the Blond Ozzie princess bride was mute while her charming Greek bridegroom took the floor and spoke on her behalf. Back in 1968 after a traditional Greek Wedding, the Australian bride spoke at the reception in both Greek and English and led the Greek dancing in the garden of her parents’ home.
    What has happened to these precious princess brides? Is this what young women really want in 2010, a fantasy extravaganza in which they are the passive recipients of adoration?
    There is a telling postscipt to the story of the 1968 wedding however…it became a Greek Tragedy of Heraclean proportions….pah pah pah as the Greeks say or as the Trojans say beware of Greeks bearing gifts!

  2. Lucie Stevens August 2, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    Thanks for visiting Athena. I hope everyone eventually recovered from the Greek Tragedy, although traditionally, no one does…I’ll keep it in mind as my dad’s side of the family is Greek. I certainly wouldn’t be up for a big Greek wedding, although I do love a good serving of Greek lamb and lemon potatoes. A champagne afternoon tea is more my style, with lots of cake, short speeches and a chocolate fountain…yum!

  3. beachblogger August 16, 2010 at 6:18 pm #

    I’m still waiting for a Sensitive New Age Rocket Scientist to come along …

    • Lucie Stevens August 16, 2010 at 7:28 pm #

      I’ll let you know if I find one BB! Maybe you should spend some time at NASA…

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