Men at work: professional fantasies

2 Aug

manMap reveal men's secret fantasiesLiving in the city ranked 24th most expensive in the world (three spots ahead of New York), means many Sydney-siders shelve their dream jobs in favour of financial security and stability. And while rising to face another day of work, they fantasize about having the time or wealth to do what they really want.

I’ve always thought people’s dreams tell us a lot about their character. With this in mind, when I started surveying for manMap I asked men what they’d do professionally if there were no restrictions: financially, physically, emotionally educationally or geographically. I find the results intriguing, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Surprising, only 4.3% said they’d like to be billionaires and do nothing. The majority of guys (17.6%) wanted to be professional sportsmen. Soccer and tennis were the favoured sports, although football, golf and cricket were also popular.

I was really happy to learn that only 1.4% of guys wanted to be porn stars. I’d expected it to be the dream of lots of guys, since a decent amount list sex as one of their three favourite things to do outside work.

In fact more guys wanted to be scientists than porn stars.

And oddly enough, the same number of guys wanted to be logistics managers as professional racing car drivers and spitfire pilots. I don’t even really understand what logistics managers do, but I’m assuming there are some decent kick-backs if the job rates as highly as a spitfire pilot.

 Here are a few of my favourites:

  • beer taster
  • manager of Centennial Park
  • manager of a bookshop like Black Books
  • one of the people who claps at the close of NY Stock Exchange trading.

There were a few guys interested in political careers, with every level of influence covered from local councillor and Prime Minister to President of USA. Once particularly ambitious man said, “ruler of the free, and un-free, world.” Let’s hope he wants power for the right reasons.

On the creative side of things, a handful of guys (9.6%) longed for life as a musician or rock star, with one guy specifically wanting to be Robert Plant. Quite a few guys dreamed of being journalists, writers, photographers, actors and Zoolander-esque male models.

And although one lawyer responded to the question by saying, “not a lawyer,” 8.45% of men said their current profession was their ideal job. As one guy enthusiastically put it, “I’m living it baby!” which made me realise there’s hope for all of us with big dreams.


2 Responses to “Men at work: professional fantasies”

  1. nicreh August 10, 2010 at 3:51 pm #

    Wow, I love this post! I’m gonna continue to follow you for sure. Can one subscribe to your blog?

    • Lucie Stevens August 16, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

      Thanks for reading! Yes you can subscribe – there’s a Sign Me Up button under the facebook badge. Are you a Sydney lady, or are you in another man-drought stricken country?

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