The mighty man-magnet

13 Sep

On Friday night I made an incredible discovery; I unearthed a powerful man-magnet. Going about my business surveying men in the CBD, I inadvertently learnt of an object so strong it could make men cross large bodies of water, defy their natural inclinations and draw them to it night after night. It isn’t sexy, seductive or even feminine. But it is mighty.

Since I’m trying to focus on non-mainstream locations this month, I headed to The Occidental in Wynyard on Friday night. A wing-girl had tipped me off about this friendly little pub, after she’d been to a trivia night there and noticed the high male to female ratio. When I ducked in a few weeks ago, I fell for it straight away. I’d been impressed by its low-key vibe, which can be hard to find in the CBD. It was like someone had taken a well-loved neighbourhood local, transported it to the city and filled it with cute British guys in well-cut suits.

The pub itself doesn’t appear to be anything special to an outsider. There was no music (live or otherwise) and the bistro looked good but predictable. And yet men swamped the place. Inside they sat around tables in groups of three or four. A few others played pool and the smokers clustered on the footpaths outside. Women were definitely the minority.

On my first visit I didn’t question, I just embraced and surveyed, wondering if perhaps the volume of men was a bit omanMap discovers a mighty man-magnetf a fluke. But on my second visit, I noticed a pattern. When I asked guys where they usually hung out during the week, most of them named The Occidental and followed it with an apology. One lady in a large group of guys made a point of telling me she went there regularly, but only because her work friends were there and I should under no circumstances judge her because of it. I was confused. Why were they so ashamed? And why did they keep coming back? So I started asking them outright. And that’s when I discovered the secret man-magnet The Occidental was harbouring:

the pint.

The men just couldn’t get enough of the pint. It drew them from varying parts of the CBD, with one guy even heading over from North Sydney to join his friends there. They seemed self-conscious that the pub was nothing glamorous or classy, but the pull of the pint was too powerful for them to resist. 

And so ladies, it really might be that simple. Perhaps all we need to do to meet men is head to a pint-serving pub. And The Occidental had a great blend of men age-wise, interest-wise and professionally (every thing from nurses to financial advisors). So if you’re looking for a place where you don’t have to shout over loud music, head to The Occidental and enjoy the lack of competition. And maybe a pint or two.


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