Spoilt for choice

20 Oct

Sydney is a city of diverse options. At any given moment of any day, we’re surrounded by alternatives. We can choose what we do, wear, eat, buy, see and read from a huge range of possibilities. And for those of us who are single, we have endless dating options, which all have their own subsequent options.

Online dating, speed dating, match-making agencies, holidays for singles, Dinner for Six, boot camp or just a night at the pub are all ways women can meet men. If you google “dating Sydney” you’re given 6,780,000 search results.  And although it’s not a problem I experience, some people think that having so many options is making it more difficult for Sydney-siders to commit.

A recent article by love coach Carolin Dahlman tells the story of a woman dating three men who all offer her something different. But she can’t decide which one she likes best (poor little thing!) and none of them have the ‘rah-factor’ she’s hoping for. Dahlman wonders if the girl can’t decide because she has too many options. Perhaps her standards are too high. Perhaps she’s too picky or caught up in an idea of what she should have. I suppose we’ll never really know but I’m interested to know what you think. Take the poll so we can find out:

PS. Thank you to the wing-girl who told me about Dahlman’s article!


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