Unique dating strategy: Part 1

25 Oct

Unavailable men can be a useful source of information. If I need a straight man’s opinion on new clothes, I run them past my friend’s husband. He’s also great for providing insight on the workings of male logic, relationship theories and general manMapping strategies. And gay friends can be wonderful in those moments when you need a big hug from a man who’s not going to expect hugging to lead to anything further.

When I’m out surveying and the guy I’ve approached is in a relationship, I ask him a different set of questions, including where he met his partner. I like to hear stories about how people got together. I feel like I’ll learn some secret strategy about falling in love if I pay attention to people who’ve already achieved it.

So on Friday night when I heard this wonderful story about how a man met his wife, I knew it was too good not to share.

A British guy, let’s call him Dan, arrived in Australia on a working visa. He found a job in the city and started looking for a room in a share house. Dan saw an ad for a room in an apartment and went along to the usual “Share House Inquisition.” Although he wasn’t fussed about the room, he clicked with the girl interviewing him. The questions she asked covered his lifestyle and interests and by looking around the house and chatting to her, Dan learnt enough about her to know he was keen. Since he had her number from the interview, he called her later that week and asked her out. And that was the beginning of love.

Although we had a good laugh on Friday at the thought of people traipsing from share house to share house looking for dates, it really is a good way to meet people. As Dan said, you’re both sober, you’re somewhere well-lit and you get to ask questions of each other without seeming rude.

So ladies, if you’re looking for a lover perhaps you should ditch RSVP and head to Gumtree instead!

If you’ve ever met someone in an unusual way or you know a good story about how people met, leave a comment so we can gather strategies.

Off to a SAMAG seminar tonight so my usual Monday post will be making an appearance later this week. 🙂


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