And the winner is …

4 Dec

Thank you to the guys who entered the competition for the funniest dating story, and to everyone for their support.

A lovely wing-girl considered the entries and the winner is … Richard!

Here’s Richard’s winning entry:

Back in my university days I was more often skint than not, so when I went out on a date with a girl I always suggested we go to the art gallery, mainly because you didn’t have to pay to get in — not that I’d ever say that was the reason I wanted to go there — I always tried to make out I was a great lover of art.

Well, I was there one time with this post graduate student, who was pretty cluely, so I wanted to impress her. All guys know, you can’t impress a woman just by being nice to her, or listening to her, you have to show off. So we were walking down this corridor of modern paintings, and I pointed to a picasso and asked my friend if she knew anything about it. She didn’t, so I started to explain to her all about what picasso was trying to achieve and the period of his life at the time he painted it. (I had borrowed a book from the library to try and research up a bit.)
My friend was impressed by my knowledge, and we went to move on. But as we did, a tour group came from the other end of the corridor. The guide led the group right up the painting I had just explained to my friend, and started spouting quite contradictory facts to the ones I had just said. I wanted to press through the group, but there were so many tourists listening to the guide, they had the corridor quite blocked. I had to stand there, as the guide gave a ten minute speech which basically tore apart any art credibility I had. Oh well.

Richard, I’ll email you so I can organise sending your prize to you – congratulations and thanks for reading!


2 Responses to “And the winner is …”

  1. another guy December 6, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    I was robbed! My story was much sweeter. No? Tragicomic in a way. Anyway, congratulations to Richard for winning the competition. Hey, your lovely wing girl friend isn’t single is she?

    • Lucie Stevens December 6, 2010 at 7:34 pm #

      Hi A-G,

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but she’s been very happily married for almost nine years. I can’t vouch for her choice – I confess I just cut and paste them into an email and sent them over to her. Hopefully I’ll have some more prizes in 2011…hint hint to any potential sponsors out there!!

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