Love, Manhattan-style

1 Feb

[With apologies for my terrible formatting…I need to learn html!]

A very belated Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for your patience while I was away. I hope you all had great New Year’s Eves and that a few of you had someone lovely to kiss at midnight.

Today marks the official beginning of manMap 2011. Other than continuing my research and writing my book, I have a few other plans which I’ll tell you about once I’ve got the details in place. The first of these plans is something I’m hoping you’ll find very useful … stay tuned for more news at the end of the week.

Everyone keeps asking me if I fell in love while I was in Manhattan. In truth, I did. I fell in love with a tiny island which is about half a Bay Walk wide and two Bay Walks long (inner west-ers will know what I mean!). The people are friendly and helpful, the men delightfully flirty and the city is oozing with history, culture and delicious baked goods. Three weeks was nowhere near enough time, particularly since I fell in love with Brooklyn too.

In my role as the over-zealous visitor desperate to see and do everything at any cost, I didn’t end up with much time for manMap chores. But everywhere I went, I was reminded that NYC is a city which hopes for love.

manMap: Love in the time of blizzards

Cars became canvasses for love post-blizzard. 





manMap: Manhattan love in the 40s


A couple scratched their love into a staircase in Central Park (or Hyde Park as I accidentally kept saying…).





manMap: Love in a potplant

A pot plant reminded people crossing West 16th St that a snow storm is no match for love and a good marker pen. 






manMap: Love downtown


Even in the thick of the financial district, there were hints of love on the fire hydrants.





manMap: Heart of Queens

Love in Queens was quirkier, but some people like it that way…

Reminders of love weren’t just on display, they were in the air too. A Broadway musical about the Beatles prompted shops, diners  and restaurants to fill the air with Beatles music. Love is all you need, She loves you, Can’t buy me love, Love me do and Hide your love away (ok…maybe not that one) provided a fitting soundtrack as we explored a city filled with the most unapologetic flirts I’ve ever met.

So there’s a little taste of manMap in Manhattan. Don’t forget to stop by at the end of the week for the grand-unveiling of manMap 2011’s new and exciting feature!


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