A quickie!

24 Feb

Hi lovely readers,

Just a quickie today – I’m having a busy chores week!

The results are in for our first WWWtK question. The winning question is:

If a woman’s interested in you, what’s something/one thing she can do to increase her chances of you asking her out?

A big thank you to those who sent questions in, those who voted and even those who’ve taken an interest by reading. I’ll share the responses to this question at the end of March. What glorious knowledge we’ll all have by then!! I’ll put a post up soon for our April question, so put your thinking fascinators on.

In other news, I’m on the down-hill run to meet my CBD survey quota. Just a few more rounds in The Rocks and Darling Harbour and it’ll be mischief managed (for that hood anyway). Next on the agenda: the inner city and the Eastern suburbs, both of which I’ve already dabbled in. If there’s a particular venue you want me to check out or one you’ve had success at, drop me a line at mymanmap@gmail.com.

 Finally, it’s looking like it’ll be a beautiful weekend. Make the most of it ladies, summer’s almost over. Get your wing-girls together, go somewhere new and talk to a guy you don’t know. Could be the best weekend of your life!

Yours in faithful mapping,


One Response to “A quickie!”

  1. The Single Girl February 24, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    Cannot wait for the answer to that question, it promises to be interesting 🙂

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