Crimes against attraction

21 Apr

A few weeks ago I heard a radio segment where men called up and shared all the things they didn’t like about how women dressed. Topping the list was toe cleavage and wearing a black bra under a white top (Guy readers, what do you think?). It was fascinating to hear this because what was clearly orchestrated to capture men’s fancy turned out to be a crime against attraction.

So I thought I’d open the floor to women. What do guys do that turns you off or just out-right confuses you? I’ll start!

In the last week I’ve encountered two cases of SLP (Severely Low Pants). On both occasions, guys in their mid-20s have been wearing their jeans so low they had to waddle. Really, they’re performing a community service because I couldn’t stop myself laughing.

I wish I had the courage to stop an SLP-ers and find out how they keep their pants from dropping all the way to their ankles. Do they have a sturdy yet concealed band of velcro that sticks their jeans to their boxers? What happens when they sit down? What happens if they need to run for the bus? Don’t they find it restrictive? Don’t they want to take long, manly strides? Do they really think women will find it attractive? Maybe some do. Me, I veto.

So what guy-crimes against attraction have you witnessed?


2 Responses to “Crimes against attraction”

  1. The Single Girl April 23, 2011 at 5:00 am #

    Guys that don’t wash. Maybe it’s just a University thing…but far too many of them think it’s okay to not wash for a couple of days…or not wash bedding or clothes for a couple months…just…bad hygiene in general.

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