Single men of the inner west

4 Jan

Plentiful of pubs and outdoor spaces, the inner west is a great place to search for men. More than half of the men surveyed in this area were single. That’s right ladies! Odds are that one in two men in an inner west pub will be single and more than happy to talk to you.

With its waterfront, multicultural communities and creative inclinations, the inner west offers a smorgasbord of delights for single women. On the doorstep of the city, many young professionals move to its suburbs to enjoy the convenience of a short bus ride to the CBD without sacrificing the perks of suburban life.

This is great news for single ladies. Suburbs which attract people to them because of location and lifestyle naturally create good local pubs. Regardless of your tastes, desires or hopes, you’ll find a scene that interests you. From the alternative and artistic streets of Newtown to the sporty and entrepreneurial haunts of Balmain, the inner west is so rich with diversity that different crowds can be found in neighbouring pubs. Friendly, laid-back and open-minded, this area will provide you with many delightful encounters. Here’s a good place to start…

The London Hotel
234 Darling Street

Percentage of surveyed men who were single: 52%

Percentage of surveyed men in a relationship who have single friends: 100%

Meat-o-metre: Connect with men over great conversations which will hopefully lead to dinner dates.

Prime time: Friday nights and Sunday afternoons

Crowd: Straight, sincere, down-to-earth locals who enjoy sport and love their pet dogs.

Wing-girls: No more than three so you can mingle on the balcony.

Wears: Smart casual. Avoid overdoing it.

Top tip: Make sure you don’t end up tucked away from the throng in one of the rooms behind the bar.

Looking for a typical Balmain guy? Make a beeline for The London. Devout patrons pay their respects most days after work and on Sundays it feels like every man in Balmain is there. The locals aren’t territorial though. They’ll welcome you as though they’ve invited you into their home. Because it’s such a friendly pub, it’s a great place to start your manhunt, particularly if you’re shy. The lack of loud music makes chatting easy and the three-sided bar is perfect for smiling at someone on other side of the room. With a mix of ages, interests and professions, there’s something for every girl.


Ages of single men:
<20: 10%
20-30: 50%
31-40: 20%
41+: 20%

Professions: Trade, property, hospitality, self employed, advertising, sales, IT, finance.

Interests and hobbies:  Sport; socialising/women; drinking/time with dog

Clubs men belong to: football (Tigers), sailing, motorcycling

Values: Family and friends (86%); work (29%); happiness/beer/sex/pet dog (14%)

Cross Pollinate: The Welcome Hotel

Best ‘burbs: Balmain


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