Beyond the bar: City of festivals

11 Jan

Sydney must be keeping the banner industry in business. Every other week a new set of banners is installed along George Street, advertising the latest festival. From food and wine to art festivals, or celebrations of multiculturalism, coffee or music, there’s sure to be a festival (or two!) which interests you.

Festival events can be a great place to meet new men, as long as you’re strategic. Choose your festival wisely. Opera in the Domain, won’t attract as many single men in their early 30s as Sydney Festival’s Keystone Bar. Film festivals are fun, but you’ll have a better chance of chatting to men at Tropfest than you will inside a cinema.

It can be a daunting walking into a crowded festival, but there’s another way you can use events to meet men. Keep your eye on Sydney’s list of festivals. A few weeks before an event, think about people you know but don’t regularly socialise with. They might be friends of friends you’ve met a few times, or work acquaintances. Send out a group email, organising a meeting place and encouraging everyone to invite their friends. That way, you’ll meet new people through mutual friends. After a few hours of picnicking, the dynamic of the festival will take over and you might find yourself exchanging numbers with a lovely man sitting on the next picnic rug.    


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