A playground for singles

2 Feb

The Monkey Bar
255 Darling Street

Percentage of surveyed men who were single: 69%

Percentage of surveyed men in a relationship who have single friends: 100%

Meat-o-metre: A good venue for some light-hearted flirting over a glass of champagne.  (daytime or evenings), A true meat-market. Slip on your sexiest outfit and have fun.  (later)

Prime time: Friday and Saturday nights

Crowd: Straight, fashionable, crowd-conscious guys who are ready to flirt.

Wing-girls: As many as you like but don’t create an intimidating crowd.

Wears: Glam casual

Top tip: Catch the post-work crowd on Friday then stay for the later-comers.

The Monkey Bar is true to its name. It’s definitely a bar, not a pub and for singles, it’s a playground. Although it’s known as a place to pick up, don’t be put off. The men are friendly, fun and usually not sleazy. The light-hearted mood makes it perfect for flirting. Catch the locals after work on a Friday, then stay for a dance. As the music gets louder, more and more non-locals will join you on the dance floor. Be careful not to get tucked away upstairs or at the short end of the bar. Just like in real estate, location counts!


Ages of single men:
<20: 0%
20-30: 27%
31-40: 27%
41+: 46%

Professions: Corporate strategy, engineering, trade, customer service, entertainment, finance, IT, science and technology

Interests and hobbies: Sex/sport; socialising/drinking; travel/water sports/music

Clubs men belong to: hiking, soccer

Values: Family and friends (91%); sex (36%); lifestyle (18%)

Cross Pollinate: The London Hotel

Best ‘burbs: Balmain; CBD


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