Love songs

15 Feb

The Annandale Hotel
17 Parramatta Road

Percentage of surveyed men who were single: 43%

Percentage of surveyed men in a relationship who have single friends: 100%

Meat-o-metre: Connect with men over great conversations which will hopefully lead to dinner dates in the courtyard, and a good venue for some light-hearted flirting over a beer inside.

Prime time: Whenever there’s a band playing that the men love.

Crowd: Lovers of live, original bands.

Wing-girls: As many as you like.

Wears: Funky casual with dancing shoes if you’re staying for the gig.

Top tip: Catch someone’s eye as you eat your Pad Thai in the courtyard.

Meccafor music lovers, this is the place to go if you’re looking for your rock god. With a predominately male crowd, you’ll think you’ve entered Heaven. Edgy and cool but friendly, men gather in the courtyard for a beer and dinner before heading inside. It’s the perfect opportunity to check out the crowd, even if you’re not staying for the gig. Other activities like Pub Cha and free movie screenings will help you get to know the locals. Visit the website before you head over to make sure the line-up is aimed at the boys.


Ages of single men:
<20: 1%
20-30: 33%
31-40: 33%
41+: 33%

Professions: IT, pilot

Interests and hobbies: Exercising/surfing; music/reading; sex/socialising/bushwalking

Values: Family and friends/health/work (67%); music/justice/truth (33%)

Cross Pollinate: Clubs in the CBD

Best ‘burbs: CBD; Rozelle;Newtown


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