Courting for singletons

29 Feb

The Courthouse
202 Australia Street

Percentage of surveyed men who were single: 60%

Percentage of surveyed men in a relationship who have single friends: 100%

Meat-o-metre: Connect with men over great conversations which will hopefully lead to dinner dates.

Prime time: Friday nights and Sundays. Very popular on public holidays when lots of non-locals drop by.

Crowd: Mixed crowd of locals or people who work nearby. Good blend of artistic and sporty guys who are friendly and ready to chat.

Wing-girls: Three at most.

Wears: Artistic casual

Top tip: The courtyard is a great place for dinner but be sure to move back to the bar when you’re finished, where it’s easier to approach men and be approached.

The Courthouse is the Newtown equivalent of The London Hotel. After work, local residents and employees gather around the bar to wind down. Although the crowd’s mixed, there are plenty of straight men whose relaxed and friendly natures make them approachable. The pub attracts a broad range of ages too, helpful for the more mature lady. Sport is usually on the TV screen near the bar. Why not cheer on your team with the men? The pub has a strong Newtown personality: diverse, artistic, socially conscious and open-minded. If you like the neighbourhood, you’ll love the men at The Courthouse.


Ages of single men:
<20: 0%
20-30: 44%
31-40: 23%
41+: 33%

Professions: Media, community services, mining, corporate strategy

Interests and hobbies: Sport; socialising; beer/creative pursuits

Clubs men belong to: Writing group; live music group; cycling club, scuba club, sailing club, trivia

Values: Family and friends (56%); career/alcohol (33%); books and reading (22%)

Cross Pollinate: Kelly’s on King; Gaslight Inn; Toxteth Hotel

Best ‘burbs: Newtown; Erskineville; Glebe; Surry Hills


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