Single unity

7 Mar

Unity Hall Hotel
292 Darling Street

Percentage of surveyed men who were single: 33%

Percentage of surveyed men in a relationship who have single friends: 100%

Meat-o-metre: A good venue for some light-hearted flirting over a glass of champagne (afternoons/evenings) which turns into a true meat-market later on. Slip on your sexiest outfit and have fun.  

Prime time: Later on Friday and Saturday nights

Crowd: Jazz-lovers and locals downstairs, guys wanting to pick up upstairs.

Wing-girls: Not too many or you might not get in

Wears: Casual downstairs, glam casual upstairs

Top tip: Take a few fun girlfriends. Some nights you might need to BYO entertainment.

The Unity is the pub people move on to when everything else closes. Because of this, the crowd tends to be on the inebriated side. If you’re not up for some alcohol-fuelled flirting, hit the taxi rank and head home. On weekends there’s usually a live jazz band downstairs. Upstairs is a nightclub which sometimes doubles as a karaoke bar. Ladies looking for the real nightclub experience will be disappointed, but the less intense vibe here is the perfect arena to show yourself off in. Loud music will limit conversation but will encourage other kinds of communication.


Ages of single men:      
<20: 0%
20-30: 100%
31-40: 0%
41+: 0%

Professions: Property management, trade

Interests and hobbies: Socialising; drinking; sport/relaxing

Clubs men belong to: Rugby    

Values: Family and friends (100%); beer (50%); money (50%)

Cross Pollinate: The London Hotel; The Welcome Hotel

Best ‘burbs: Balmain


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