When love came to town

21 Mar

Town Hall Hotel
326 King Street

Percentage of surveyed men who were single: 56%

Percentage of surveyed men in a relationship who have single friends: 100%

Meat-o-metre: Connect with men over great conversations which will hopefully lead to dinner dates (evening) which turns into a good venue for some light-hearted flirting over a glass of champagne later on.

Prime time: Fridays after 10pm

Crowd: Friendly, straight, relaxed crowd of locals after work, with things heating up later on.

Wing-girls: Maximum three. Room on the balcony is limited.

Wears: Casual

Top tip: Cash in on the after work crowd between 6 and 7pm.

The Town Hall is a modest pub, overshadowed by its more glamorous neighbours. The men you’ll find drinking here are much the same: genuine and down-to-earth. The after-work crowd isn’t huge but it’s predominately male and single. In the evenings, the music’s low and the atmosphere casual, an ideal combination for friendly banter. Later on the tempo increases and the crowd thickens, drawing men who aren’t up for the more intense vibe of Bank Hotel. Don’t let the gaming room downstairs put you off. Head straight upstairs and enjoy the bounty of this hidden treasure.


Ages of single men:
<20: 0%
20-30: 40%
31-40: 20%
41+: 40%

Professions: IT, community services, finance, administration

Interests and hobbies: Live music; socialising; time with pets/reading/beach/sports

Clubs: Sports clubs; community welfare clubs

Values: Family and friends/music (60%); security (20%); pets/beer/work (20%)

Cross Pollinate: The Golden Barley Hotel; The Courthouse (Newtown)

Best ‘burbs: Newtown; Enmore; Surry Hills


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