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8 Nov

Hello lovely readers,

Just wanted to let you know that there’ll be no ‘proper’ posts this week. This is because on the weekend I met the man of my dreams while I was out surveying. It was one of those perfect moments. A smile, a laugh, some casual palm-flashing on my part to let him know I was keen…sigh…I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

So this week, instead of spending time tapping away at my keyboard, I’ll be getting to know this wonderful Mr Lovely, although truth be told, I feel like I already know him…

Ah-ha!! Bet I had you there! Bet all my wing-girls were half-way through typing texts demanding details…trick or treat ladies!

I didn’t meet the man of my romantic dreams on the weekend but I did meet a literary agent at the Emerging Writers’ Festival who’s interested in seeing my manuscript. So this week I’ll be busy-chores preparing my submission, which is why there’ll be no ‘proper’ posts.

I’ll be back next week though with full reports on what I hope will be the weekend when I reach the Momentous Half-way Mark (aka 500 surveys).

To celebrate 500 surveys and the dispatching of my manuscript to the agent, I’ll be having a little celebratory competition with a little celebratory prize (postable interstate/overseas for non-Sydney readers) so be sure to visit next week for fun and frivolity.

Hope you all have great weeks and even better weekends. 🙂